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Peach Apricot Bath Salt 500g

Peach Apricot Bath Salt 500g

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An enchanting fragrance that reminds you of the delicious scent of these juicy fruits.

This sweet smell is synonymous with a summer sin of gluttony, fruity and sparkling.

Élimea bath cosmetics are the result of know-how and requirements that are unique to our brand.

At Éliméa, we like to work with salt, a material that is as simple as it is natural, to make it an exceptional product.

We use very pure and refined sea salt containing essential minerals and trace elements.

Our bath salts are generously scented in Hauts-de-France by Benoît & Pierre.

Only generously scented baths create happiness!

Let's live scented with our Peach Apricot bath salt.

Made in France

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