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Parisian Luxury - Ritz Carlton - Fragrance Oil 10ml

Parisian Luxury - Ritz Carlton - Fragrance Oil 10ml

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Our Parisian Luxury Fragrance Oil is a popular choice for those looking to re-create the ambience of a 5* hotel. Inspired by a signature scent belonging to one of the USA’s most luxurious hotel groups, this mysterious yet delicate fragrance has hints of oriental notes, which make it an excellent choice for your homemade products.

This luxurious fragrance oil offers a delicate balance of beautiful amber with light oriental notes to offer a truly relaxing experience. Pop a few drops into your diffusers and take your senses on a beautiful new journey. Its soft and inviting aromas will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and revived, just as if you were relaxing in a 5* hotel in Paris.

You can also enjoy this beautiful fragrance in your bathroom products; create gorgeous shower bombs, bath salts, lotions and soaps. This fragrance oil re-creates the sense of a spa with its luxurious soft notes and delicate balance of ingredients. Our fragrance oils are created with the most care, using the latest equipment and extraction methods.


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