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Mint & Chocolate Shower Gel 150ml

Mint & Chocolate Shower Gel 150ml

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To what seems “gluttony is not a bad fault when tasted with the nose”.
The good thing … It is not the greedy that lies dormant in each of us who will say the opposite, ohhh no!
So why deny it?

Ladies, ladies, here comes “THE” absolute delicacy that will brighten up and delight your senses, I have named: The True Mint & Chocolate Shower Gel.

Formulated with aloe vera extract , ideal for all skin types, and which offers multiple virtues: soothing, hydrating and regenerating. But also glycerin , which will take care of maintaining the level of hydration * necessary for the proper functioning of your skin.

Pampered, hydrated *, preserved and gently cleansed, the real shower gel will take care of your skin.
Guaranteed fresh effect…

And if that reminds you of famous British delicacies and treat yourself in your shower with a 0 calorie version!

Product exclusively reserved for your skin.

* hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

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