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Make Your Own Body Butter DIY Kit

Make Your Own Body Butter DIY Kit

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Give the gift of nourished with nature skin with this DIY beauty kit that uses all natural and organically sourced ingredients. A feel good creative gift to pamper your loved one with.

Give the gift bag as it comes or alternatively make up the cream yourself to impress your gift recipient with your own homemade gift!

Each gift bag contains:

Organic shea butter – Deeply moisturising. Rich in vitamin A and E. Improves skin elasticity and helps treat blemishes, wrinkles, acne scars and eczema.

Organic apricot oil – High in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts (particularity rich in vitamin E – great for maintaining healthy skin). Absorbs into deep layers of skin, soothing, unclogging pores and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Improves skin softness and moisture and can help to reduce fine lines.

Lavender Essential Oil- Soothes dry and irritated skin. As well as helping to relax and calm the brain, providing relief from anxiety and stress.
Organic orange essential oil – High levels of vitamin C, great for protecting and healing skin. Good at fighting the bacteria and inflammation of the skin that can lead to acne.
Organic candelilla wax – Natural preservative and emulsifier. Very high levels of fatty acids, great for skin healing and soothing. High in vitamin A – good for skin rejuvenation. Great at not clogging pores and letting the skin breathe.

Products included:

10g candelilla wax
50g shea butter
30ml apricot kernal oil
15 drops of either orange essential oil or lavender essential oil,

120ml glass jar
Recipe card

Ingredients to make 120ml of cream.

Great as a gift or for yourself. To make it ready for someone the products will come wrapped in an Acala linen gift bag.

Gift tagging options available – please write your message in ‘Order notes’ on the shopping cart page and we’ll complete your order with a hand-written message of your choice.

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