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Coffee & Cocoa Fragrance Oil 10ml

Coffee & Cocoa Fragrance Oil 10ml

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SCENTA Coffee & Cocoa Fragrance Oil 10ml

If you love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and rich chocolate, you will adore our SCENTA Coffee & Cocoa Fragrance Oil. This oil is a delightful infusion of coffee and cocoa that creates an exquisite, yet subtle scent for your home or personal care products.

Our fragrance oils are specially formulated to be suitable for soaps, candles, and both skin and hair care items. They are made with the latest technical equipment and natural ingredients to ensure high quality and long-lasting performance. They are also free from harmful chemicals and allergens.

How to use our fragrance oil

You can use our fragrance oil with oil burners, aroma lamps, or home diffusers to fill your space with a cozy and inviting fragrance. Simply add a few drops of the oil to water and enjoy the scent as it diffuses in the air.

You can also use our fragrance oil to make your own soaps, candles, lotions, shampoos, or other personal care products. Just follow the instructions on the label and add the desired amount of the oil to your base ingredients. You can also mix and match different fragrance oils to create your own unique blends.

Why choose our fragrance oil

Our fragrance oil is one of the best luxury fragrance oils in Ireland. It is professionally blended to capture the essence of coffee and cocoa, two of the most popular and comforting scents in the world. It is also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.

Our fragrance oil is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in their home or pamper themselves with indulgent personal care products. It is also a great gift idea for your loved ones who appreciate high-quality fragrances.

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