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Bath Bomb Blueberries – Blackberries 145g

Bath Bomb Blueberries – Blackberries 145g

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How to relax after a hard day's work? Of course, in the bathroom, to which it is necessary to put bubbling balls. These small geysers contain ingredients, which soften the water. Whereas previously the only source of pleasurable sensations of bathing was the bath foam, then now more interesting and original variant is available.

How to use bath bombs? Just take a ball and put it into the bath with warm water. In seconds, it starts to bubble and hiss. Dissolving, bombs exudes a pleasant aroma and saturates water with healing oils.

Bubbling ball for bath: application features

Among the useful characteristics of the bubbling ball, it is worth to note the following:

  • a positive effect on the skin, moisturizing and softening due to such natural ingredients as grape seed oil;
  • improvement of the health and the mood.

How to use bath bombs? The duration of treatment should not exceed 20 minutes. During this time, natural ingredients have time to fulfill their destiny: to calm or cheer up, moisturize and soften, nourish with vitamins and tone. Just as the bath foam, bombs require the shower without soap, gel, and other means.

  • We carefully compose the formula for the manufacture of cosmetics.
  • Each component passes a strict control on the compliance with the highest standards of quality.
  • Our bubbling balls for bath consist of only natural ingredients.
  • The usage of sulfates and parabens is excluded.

In other words, any of our cosmetics brings the natural care of your skin, gives it youth and flawless look. Do not know how to surprise your loved ones for the holidays? Presented them bath bombs as a present. A set of these mini-geysers is universal, because it will appeal to both women and men. Even children will like such funny procedure as bathing with bubbling balls, which exude favorite flavor of chocolate or a juicy watermelon.

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