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Stara Mydlarnia

Babassu Oil & Seaweed bath & shower gel 250 ml / 8,45 fl.oz.

Babassu Oil & Seaweed bath & shower gel 250 ml / 8,45 fl.oz.

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Aromatic bath and shower gel based on exceptionally mild washing substances of plant origin. Gently cleanses and refreshes the skin, and thanks to the eco formula enriched with a complex of sea algae extracts, pantenol and vegetable glycerine additionally nourishes and cares for dry, delicate and lacking elasticity skin.

Pour a small amount of gel to the water or on a sponge and gently massage the damp skin.

babassu oil bath shower gel

Natural cosmetics BODYMANIA Babassu Oil & Seaweed based on exceptionally mild washing ingredients with babssu oil and seaweed - nourishing therapy for dry, delicate skin affected by the problem of cellulite.

Babassu oil has a strong moisturizing effect, softens the skin and makes it more elastic. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols and vitamin E, which delay aging processes and rebuild hydrolipid coat of the skin.

Seaweed, with its very high content of minerals, proteins, vitamins and amino acids, regenerates tissues and is responsible for proper hydration of the skin. It has moisturizing and cleansing effect, soothes irritations and reduces skin hypersensitivity to external factors. Seaweed is a component of anti-cellulite products because it stimulates metabolism and helps to the removal of fat deposits. 

APPLICATION: SKIN: dry, mature, requiring hydration and firming, affected by cellulite.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: babassu oil, seaweed extract, shea and coca butter, anti-cellulite complex, Hemisqualane, chestnut extract, almond oil, rosemary extract, vitamin E and B5, urea, sage extract, menthol.

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