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Almond Splinter, Violet Sirup & Lavender Flower Celeste Cream 50ml

Almond Splinter, Violet Sirup & Lavender Flower Celeste Cream 50ml

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Is your skin a bit like a plant exposed to full sun, which you constantly water and which becomes dehydrated again and again?

You are at the end of this inconvenience, the discomfort insupports you and finally, you say to yourself that if you had a magic wand, you would turn into a fish because there at least, you would be in your element every day: water !? …

We have associated a clever cocktail of hydrating *, soothing and healthy-looking natural active ingredients such as aloe vera, blueberry and raspberry extracts which will remineralize, regenerate and revitalize your complexion.

Passion fruit vegetable oil, a dry oil with a non-greasy feel, will restore the hydrolipidic film and thus act as a natural barrier to all external aggressions including dehydration, when with grape seed vegetable oil , it will regenerate and restructure. The shea butter provide a protective role and softener. Finally, glycerin , an emollient active, will help maintain the hydration rate * of your pretty face.

So be reassured: let’s leave our fish friends in the sea and you have your feet firmly on the ground, the Celestial Cream will make dehydration its business…!

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