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Saules Fabrika

Sugar Body Scrub Cherry 250g

Sugar Body Scrub Cherry 250g

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Active ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil and Beeswax


Sugar body scrub gently removes dead cells from the skin, improves blood circulation and stimulates cell metabolism in the skin. After sugar scrub application the skin gets smooth and elastic; the general skin tone improves. Paraben free.

Pleasant and helpful procedures for the skin are associated with handmade body scrubs. And if you choose the sugar body scrub, the shower or bath will present you new, sweet feelings. Why the cosmetics with sugar is so good? It has an excellent cleaning effect and have a beneficial effect on the saturation of the skin with nutrients.

Scrub cream with sugar - what is its uniqueness?

This cosmetic is with a gentle structure, but it is slightly larger compared with the saline scrub. Scrubs are prepared with the application of sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, bee wax, shea butter, grape seed oil. In other words, its content is one hundred percent natural.

The secret of the effectiveness of the scrub is very simply to explain. After applying the product, the skin is covered with water lipid layer, which prevents evaporation of moisture. In such circumstances, all components freely enter into the skin; they nourish, soften and smooth it. What is the role of the sugar? It has a peeling effect and starts regenerative processes in the skin cells.

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