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Luxury Penthouse Fragrance Oil

Luxury Penthouse Fragrance Oil

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Our luxury Penthouse Fragrance Oil is based on the signature scent of one of Hong Kong’s most iconic hotels.  Enjoy a beautiful blend of citrus and spicy notes ending on a floral base, a rich aroma which is both sophisticated and rejuvenating. Create a homemade spa experience with this delightful scent.

Our Luxury Penthouse Fragrance Oil opens with a burst of citrus power from limes and lemons, followed by spicy pepper, ginger and fragrant juniper. This delightful scent ends on an earthy and woody base of iris, cedar and patchouli. Like a hotel fragrance by one of Hong Kong’s finest, we give this refreshing and sophisticated fragrance five stars.

Just as you would find in a luxury hotel, use this fragrance oil in your reed diffusers and bathroom products. Create shampoos, lotions and creams which will revitalise your mood and enrich your senses. Even better is that all of our fragrance oils are vegan friendly.


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