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Fresh - Essential Oil Blend

Fresh - Essential Oil Blend

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Fresh - Essential Oil Blend

If you are looking for a natural way to freshen up your home, office, or car, look no further than Fresh - Essential Oil Blend. This unique blend of coriander, lemon, lime, and tea tree essential oils is designed to clear the air of bad odours and create a refreshing atmosphere. Whether you need to eliminate cooking smells, pet odours, cigarette smoke, or stale air, Fresh - Essential Oil Blend can help you breathe easier and feel more energised.

How to use Fresh - Essential Oil Blend

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of Fresh - Essential Oil Blend. You can:

  • Add a few drops to a diffuser or humidifier and let the aroma fill your space.
  • Dilute with water and spray on curtains, carpets, upholstery, or bedding.
  • Mix with a carrier oil and apply to the base of your feet or the nape of your neck.
  • Inhale directly from the bottle or a cotton ball.

Why choose Fresh - Essential Oil Blend

Fresh - Essential Oil Blend is not only a great deodoriser, but also a powerful botanical medicine. Each of the essential oils in this blend has its own therapeutic properties that can benefit your health and well-being. Here are some of the benefits of each oil:

  • Coriander: This herb has a sweet and spicy aroma that can stimulate your appetite, improve your digestion, and relieve gas and bloating. It can also help with menstrual cramps, arthritis pain, and skin infections.
  • Lemon: This citrus fruit has a bright and uplifting scent that can boost your mood, enhance your concentration, and cleanse your body. It can also help with sore throat, colds, flu, acne, and oily skin.
  • Lime: This tropical fruit has a zesty and refreshing scent that can invigorate your senses, purify your air, and support your immune system. It can also help with fever, infections, wounds, and insect bites.
  • Tea tree: This plant has a camphor-like aroma that can fight germs, fungi, and viruses. It can also help with acne, dandruff, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and lice.

By combining these four essential oils, you get a synergistic blend that can enhance their individual effects and offer you a holistic solution for your aromatherapy needs.

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