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Cuban Tobacco & Oak Fragrance Oil 10ml

Cuban Tobacco & Oak Fragrance Oil 10ml

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Transport yourself to the sultry evenings of Havana with our Cuban Tobacco & Oak Fragrance Oil. This sophisticated blend of aromatic notes evokes the spirit of Cuban cigars and the warmth of oak as rich cologne aromas create an invigorating and refreshing ambience with a smoky depth. 

  • Smoky and woody Cuban Tobacco & Oak Fragrance Oil
  • An elegant masculine winter fragrance
  • Perfect for relaxed, indulgent moods
  • Sophisticated and aromatic scent of nights in Havana
  • Long-lasting musky aroma
  • Refreshing top notes of lemon, lime, mint and cognac
  • Rich middle notes of jasmine, Iriswood, clove and vetiver
  • Base notes of oak, incense, tobacco and musk for smokiness

Experience the essence of Havana nights from the comfort of your home with our Cuban Tobacco & Oak Fragrance Oil. Its smoky tobacco aroma lightened by fresh citrus and sweetened by dark musks makes fantastic candles, wax melts, diffusers and room sprays. The fragrance is initially characterised by bright lemon, sharp lime and fresh mint fruity cognac, creating the refreshing aroma of an elegant vintage cologne. You'll want to inhale deeper as you enjoy this irresistible masculine scent. A rich heart follows with notes of sweet jasmine, woody iriswood, spicy clove and earthy vetiver. The intoxicating aroma of Havana will envelop the room and transport you to Cuba. This fragrance is completed by a sophisticated base fragrance of woody oak, smoky incense, rich tobacco and seductive dark musk, encapsulating the heady fun of Cuban nights, a cigar in one hand and a rumba dance partner in the other. Havana in a bottle.

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