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Crisp Green Apple & Basil Mousse Esther Mask 50ml

Crisp Green Apple & Basil Mousse Esther Mask 50ml

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“Black is black, there is no more hope” we were chanted …

And much more hope, of course, but only for our problems!

The black charcoal will act like a real blotter, but too much not to dry out the skin and absorb excess sebum. In association with red clay , which will restore radiance to the complexion, they will also tighten the pores of the skin.

Cinnamon hydrosol, antibacterial and anti-infectious, will purify the epidermis while hazelnut and papaya oil, two dry oils particularly suitable for problematic and oily skin, will gently cleanse the complexion, regulate but also provide l light hydration * that this skin type needs.

Dilated pores, excess sebum, blackheads, dull complexion … if you recognize yourself in this description, mayday, mayday … this mask is made for you!

* hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

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