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Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil

Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil

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Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil

Bring the festive spirit to your home with our Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil. This oil captures the essence of a real Christmas tree, with notes of fir, cedar and pine. Whether you use it in a diffuser, a candle, or a soap, this oil will fill your space with a fresh and natural aroma that evokes the joy of the season.

Why choose our fragrance oils?

Our fragrance oils are specially formulated to be suitable for a variety of uses, such as soaps, candles, and skin and hair care products. They are made with the latest technical equipment and methods, such as mass spectroscopy, gas chromatography, simulated critical fluid extraction, and rotary vapour extraction. They are also free from harmful chemicals and animal testing.

Our fragrance oils are rich, complex, and long-lasting. They are designed to create a balanced and harmonious scent that enhances your mood and well-being. You can also mix and match our fragrance oils to create your own unique blends and combinations.

How to use our fragrance oils?

Depending on the product you want to make, you will need different amounts and methods of using our fragrance oils. Here are some general guidelines:

  • For candles, use 5-10% fragrance oil per wax weight. For example, if you have 100g of wax, use 5-10g of fragrance oil.
  • For soaps, use 3-6% fragrance oil per soap weight. For example, if you have 100g of soap base, use 3-6g of fragrance oil.
  • For skin and hair care products, use 1-2% fragrance oil per product weight. For example, if you have 100g of lotion or shampoo, use 1-2g of fragrance oil.
  • For diffusers, use 5-10 drops of fragrance oil per 100ml of water.

Please note that these are only suggestions and you may need to adjust the amount of fragrance oil depending on your personal preference and the strength of the scent. Always do a patch test before using any product on your skin or hair.

Important note

Please keep our fragrance oils out of reach of children and animals and use them in a well-ventilated area. Use gloves if your skin is sensitive. Fragrance oils should always be handled with caution and care.

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