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Saules Fabrika

Brazilian Coffee Body Scrub 200g

Brazilian Coffee Body Scrub 200g

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Coffee body scrub is an exclusive handmade cosmetic product. The use of such product will please you with the result. The skin will be soft and surprisingly gentle, smooth as the most expensive silk! You can achieve moisturize every cell and make them rich in vitamins by regular use of the natural scrub.

Natural cosmetics composition

Brazilian coffee scrub has a well-balanced composition as follows:

  • Olive oil;
  • Macadamia oil;
  • Shea butter oil;
  • Vitamin E.

Effect of cosmetic products made of natural ingredients

Use of the Brazilian scrub allows soft and delicate, but at the same time efficient removal of dead skin particles from your body.

Moreover, vitamin E contained in the scrub is a powerful antioxidant. It enables intense stimulation of regenerative processes that is new cells regenerate faster.

Advantages of the Brazilian scrub

  • Coffee scrub is ideal for all skin types.
  • It contains no artificial dyes and synthetic flavouring agents. The fragrance that you feel at the opening the jar and during the procedure is a natural.
  • The product is made of 100% natural ingredients.

Instructions for use of the coffee body scrub?

Apply the product from the jar on wet skin in circular motions. Rinse the product with running water after such a gentle massage. This simple procedure can be done in the shower or bath.

Why is body care with the coffee scrub so popular?

Proper personal care makes every woman younger and fresher. The use of natural cosmetics is rewarded: the body is tightened, the skin shines.

Coffee is one of the products that have a beneficial effect on the skin condition. Its abrasive particles contained in the handmade body scrub exfoliate dead skin cells of the top layer perfectly. You will immediately notice the results after the application: the skin is smooth and elastic, with slight redness, which quickly disappears.

The skin begins to breathe anew after this scrubbing procedure. The combination of coffee and other natural ingredients remove microscopic particles and any impurities perfectly. The skin texture becomes more smooth and noble.

Needless to say, that the procedure of application of the Brazilian coffee scrub is like a fairy tale itself, because coffee aroma accompanies the whole process, refreshing and disturbing fantasies.

Coffee scrub for smooth skin texture!

Another advantage of this procedure, which also led to its popularity, is an opportunity to combat the so-called “orange peel”. If you do this peeling regularly, it is possible to gradually split fats and affect the acceleration of metabolic processes. The skin becomes more elastic, the number of stretch marks is gradually reduced, as well as cellulite.

Natural handmade cosmetics will raise your spirits, and have a stimulating and toning effect. The effectiveness and benefits of each treatment are tangible.


There are no direct contraindications to the use of the Brazilian coffee scrub. Those who have open wounds and scratch marks or symptoms of inflammation on their skin should refrain from treatments. Also, it is not recommended, in case of allergic reactions to components of the product.

Coffee scrub with natural ingredients is a cosmetic product, which allows you to achieve the best results. Treatments are pleasant and safe. And it certainly raises your spirits, thanks to thick and rich fragrance, as if enveloping you from head to toe!

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