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Crisp Green Apple & Basil Mousse Esther Cream 50ml

Crisp Green Apple & Basil Mousse Esther Cream 50ml

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Do you have a dull complexion, shiny skin, large pores and sometimes, if not always, pimples? Are you done with these annoyances and want to master these problems badly, but you think it would be like “taming a mad horse”?
Rest assured, the Esther Cream will help you …

We have formulated 3 active and dry vegetable oils, recognized for their balancing and mattifying properties:

– oil yangu seed,
– hazelnut oil,
– oil papaya.

They will also provide the very light hydration * that this type of skin requires. But also, peppermint extract recognized for its refreshing properties; calming; antibacterial and astringent. The tea tree hydrosol which, for its part, is an excellent tonic and powerful anti-infectious skin agent, in addition to the cinnamon hydrosol which will support the activity of the tea tree, since the virtues that attributed to it are similar. Finally, the natural light green pigment will provide, as in makeup, an immediate reduction of redness which is often caused by acne.

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