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Stara Mydlarnia

Snail Slime body cream 200 ml / 6,76 fl. oz.

Snail Slime body cream 200 ml / 6,76 fl. oz.

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Nourishing body cream with the addition of precious snail slime (Helix Aspersa), which is a complete active substance containing allantoin, proteins, collagen and elastin, vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids and mucopolysaccharides. The addition of cocoa butter and macadamia oil effectively nourishes the skin, and the extract of fig opuntia fruit together with vitamin E comprehensively nourishes dry skin. Regular use of the cream limits the loss of water from the epidermis.

98,3% ingredients of natural origin*
*applies to the mass ratio of ingredients, including water / dermatologically tested.


Dry and damaged skin, with a tendency to premature aging.


Apply on the skin and massage until absorbed.

Active ingredients:

Snail Slime

Macadamia oil

Shea butter

Cocoa butter

Fig opuntia extract

Vitamin E

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